Thursday, 23 January 2014

Supertech Micasa Bangalore A Quiet Township In Noida

Supertech Micasa Bangalore
Supertech has been an avid developer of luxury real estate in North India and thus has a stable standing in a number of north Indian cities, namely, Noida, Meerut and Ghaziabad. Supertech Micasa Thanisandra Road Bangalore has conquered all these territories with its abilities of managing to deliver the finest of quality services and products within a stipulated timeframe. Customer satisfaction with the help of attaining the finest of locations where the projects are placed is something which the builder masters in. There have been only a limited number of instances when the builder was not able to deliver the proposed property within the promised time frame and at those  moments Supertech Group has provide fine remunerations to the buyers for the delay. The Supertech group has been present in Noida from a long time and thus have been able to make quite an impact on the realty developments of the city. From the day of its formation in the year 1988 the company has never looked back and have climbed the echelons of success by delivering the finest in Indian realty to its patrons. There was a time in Indian real estate when there used to be quite some humdrums where there are multiplexes and high rise structures there stood baron land which Supertech Limited and companies like this converted into investment gold mines.

Now after maintaining a legacy of fine lifestyle and premium living in northern India the developer has finally diversified its branches to other states and metropolitan cities. To start this endeavour the Supertech Group has chosen the Silicon Valley as its prime subject. Bangalore will be the first of its project that will be launched in South India after which there might be more projects which will be launched in other part cities of the nation. The project will be placed just by the Thanisandra Road and the name of the project will be Supertech Micasa. Micasa Bangalore is a special project in itself not only because this is the first project by Supertech in the city but also because the location of the project is quite unique but still conveniently connected to all the major destinations in Bangalore making this site a great residential option for all working professionals and their families. The site of Supertech Bangalore spreads over an expanse of 1.75 acres covered with sprawling greens making this a great landscape to view for an onlooker.

The entire campus of Supertech Micasa Bangalore is Wi-Fi connected making this site connected in all manners.


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